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Bono: My New Best Acquaintance

Bono paying attention to the world

I told you about my deal with my friend Ceci (“Iinconveniently getting out to the outside world"), it included a pet. He is always happy to see me. He jumps really high, up to mi head, like he is almost trying to kiss me. His name is Bono, Ceci´s dog. After meeting him it was ok, he stopped jumping around. I have to say that Bono is a very energetic dog. He is medium size, a mixture of breeds, probably Greyhound. I was afraid we will not get along since there are many territorial dogs and/or dogs with barking issues. No, Bono doesn’t bark, thanks God. He is very docile, though you must keep your distance if he is greeting you. I think my son will love him.

My friend Ceci is my age. She will not have kids, so a few years ago she decided to get a dog to give her some companionship. Ceci doesn’t suffer from Depression, she is fine, but like any human being she needs what any mid-size dog can offer, lots of smiles, good times, and a lot of fun. Bono was adopted. The truth is that Bono had no hair. I just asked her the story of Bono and it breaks my heart. Now I understand why he used to bark like a maniac in the street when she walked with him. 

Today when I walked with Bono, only for less than 20 minutes, he kind of changed positions and I got tangled in Bono’s walking belt so I had to raise my leg over his head to untangle the belt. When doing that the first two times he got scared, he probably thought I was trying to kick him. The third time he kind of understood I was only trying to untangle us.

The day Bono was rescued

Ceci told me he was abandoned and bald. A friend of hers opened a Facebook page to help him get adopted. Finally she adopted Bono (Sanson).The look on his eyes is aggressive but he is just a kid and probably more scared than the people looking at him in the street. Like I said in the other article, I am enjoying Bono with double pleasure because I am not mother, I am just his uncle.

I first saw Bono a year and a half ago. He was fine but did bark too much in the street, almost to the point of chewing my leg while he barked. I did not like it. Since them he is been educated, and in more than a year he is now a better dog. I did not know why Ceci was so patient with him. After she told me his story I kind of like him a bit more.

In my few days living with Bono almost everything happened. I would have all the reasons to hate him, but I don’t know  why I can’t blame him of nothing, he is a precious dog. You all know I have a wrist problem, well, let me tell you that Bono ate my ferula, it was made of cast. But I wasn’t mad at all. It was just kids’ stuff. He disrupted my sleep twice after midnight, but I wasn’t mad, perhaps because I have always been like Bono, always misunderstood and an outcast. I left the door a little close and he just entered and jumped on my bed. I always have a problem with hygiene. I had dogs when growing up but I had to wash my hands constantly after playing with them, and they were in the back yard. Bono doesn’t have a backyard; he’s got an apartment in the third floor. So he is constantly approaching me and I can’t wash my hands because of the ferula. But what can I do? Be mad? I just relax and let things flow.

Why I am writing about a dog in this Blog? I think animals in general are a very good tool for people that suffer from depression. The truth is that any pet will bring joy even if you don’t suffer any emotional distress. Pets are an incredible buster for our souls. There are many kinds of pets and a variety of sizes, just pic one. Nowadays people live alone in their apartments; it is common that they choose to have a dog as a pet.

The question of loneliness is wide and open. I can choose to be alone and be happy. You don’t have to be with somebody to be happy. There is no obligation to live with people just to feel accompanied. A dog is not for everybody, having a dog will lead you to responsibilities because you are the dogs keeper. You must feed him, take walks, make sure he is doing well, and most important one must love it. If you are prepare and have time to take care of a pet, then go ahead and get one. I wouldn’t because I don’t have time, but I have been blessed with a dog I don’t have to take care. I like to walk with him to the nearest store. I like talking to him. Though he doesn’t communicate like a human being, he still communicates many things and irradiates a pleasant aura of positive energy that leads to positive thinking.

Remember that there is no solution for this thing, it is just the many factors you gather that makes us living more comfortable. A dog is a perfect companionship and one more factor to be happier.

Hope you enjoy this post.
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Forgive my grammar, English is my second language.


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