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Energy Surrounding Us

I do not intend this post to be about superstition or things of that nature. Nor I believe in self-help bibliography. I don’t believe in any of them. I only believe in observation and experimentation. I have spent most of my life doing so. Why? It is my tendency, my nature, my way of being, nothing I forced myself with. From my perspective we all have energy which can be good or bad, negative or positive. Even if you are a nice person you might have attitudes that are negative or despotic. Irritability is also a behavior full of negativity.

Energy is transmitted all the time. The Sun is a source of energy, in good weather conditions and in quantities that are helpful depending on each living being we absorb energy, process energy and react to that energy. Too much energy can be bad, and too little energy can be not good enough. Energy is just energy, good or bad. Human beings also transmit and irradiate energy, god or bad. If you surround yourself with shit there is a humongous possibility that you end up smelling like shit. The same happens with energy, people transmit energy. Some recipients (people) of energy have a high filter where what is not needed is rejected. Some recipients have little or no filters. The consequences of the wrong amount of energy we receive can be troublesome. It does not matter who you are, it will affect you.

My uncle Pier and I talking during mothers day 17'

Now, regarding Depression the effects or consequences of the wrong amount of energy we filter will affect us. If we don’t have a filter, and pretty much absorb all the energy transmitted we are in a bad position. Anybody can alter our harmony but only the ones really close to us are the ones that we usually don’t filter because we trust them. If somebody tells me I am an idiot I just don’t care, but in the other hand if someone I know and I trust tells me I am an idiot I will be affected. It is not easy to realize this. It took me years and years through bad relationships to understand not only to avoid negative people but to learn how to filter information from others. I am not saying I will never be affected by my closest piers, yes, I will be affected but it will not trigger anxiety or Depression once I understand that the energy transmitted to me is not mine, it belongs to others. I only accept good energy, positive energy.

For example one person that is really close to me is the mother of my child. Letty once in a while will trigger my worst emotions because she is close to me, and usually I don’t filter her energy because I don’t think she is willing to hurt me, but she will, because she is human. I am not perfect and neither is she. Yes, I have the right to avoid negative people, but I can’t stay away from all human beings. Even the coolest person is not perfect.

If Letty has had a bad day and she calls me over the phone regarding any issue related to my son I will be all ears. But sometimes she pressures me without admitting it. With no filter her energy is transmitted to me. Then I do the stuff she is telling me to do and everything gets wrong. It is like walking with a black cloud over my head. I don’t like it. But every time it happens my guard is off. There is nothing I can do to change her. The only thing I do is to tell her how I feel, hopping she will eventually understand the situation, that’s all. I like her but as in any relationship there are good things and bad things. Just cope with it, realize it, assume it and filter it.

Definetly a happy pic. Letty, my son and I. Celebreting his birthdate nov-16

Remember I am no guru of anything; I am just an imperfect human being trying to be better, teach others about what happened to me so they can learn from my experiences. You are not alone. Nobody taught us how to live our lives. There is no book or chapter dedicated to human beings and how they behave. Therefore we are let loose on this very important subject. It becomes worse when Depression is around and we don’t understand it. It is a difficult task we have ahead of us, nonetheless possible.

Another way of looking at it is by listening to the words the person is transmitting you, perhaps a negative affirmation, but just think that any negativity that comes to you is not from you, it’s the reflection of the person talking to you. If somebody tells me I am an idiot, perhaps she/he has been told many times he/she is an idiot and telling me that negative sentence is only the reflection of who they are.

The subject is huge and I can write a lot about it. Regrettably time is not on my side. I have so many issues right now in my life that I can’t concentrate in making a book. But I will be typing my experiences as they came.

Hope you enjoy this post.
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Forgive my grammar, English is my second language.


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